Custom TR6 Engines

Let us first talk about a stock TR6 engine. The 2.5 liter engine is quite the work horse. While it was ok for use when it was created things have come a long way and we can make it better. 

First, some good points of the engine:

-Very reliable with good longevity

-Robust parts make it easier to get more out of it

-Double roller timing chain

-Never made enough power to hurt itself if maintenance was kept up

-Easy to work on

Some of the bad news for the stock engine:

-No cam bearings

-Low compression

-Small camshaft

-Intake design inhibits good flow

-Weak valve train


All of this is addressed in our custom engines. Items not included in Stage 1 or Stage 2 engines that are found in Stage 3 engines can be added on, although not needed.

Stage 1:

-8.8:1 Compression Ratio

-Standard Rocker Shaft With Bushed Rockers

-Adjustable Cam Gear

-Camshaft Specified For 2000-5500 RPM

-Super Duty Chilled Iron Tappets

-Renold Double Timing Chain

-High Performance Valve Springs

-1.437 Intake Valves

-1.19 or 1.255 Exhaust Valves, Year Dependant

-Bronze Valves Guides

-Viton Valve Seals

-Chromoloy Push Rods, Custom Length

-King Tri-Metal Main & Rod Bearings

-County Gasket Sets With Payen Head Gasket

-ARP Hardware: Flywheel Bolts, Main Cap Bolts, Rod Bolts, Head Studs, Rocker Assy

-Steel Front Sealing Block

-Porting Of Stock Intake Manifold

-County Pistons

Price To Include All Machine Work & Assembly Labor   $6899



Stage 2:

-Includes Everything From A Stage 1 Engine With These Listed Add-ons

-9.5:1 Compression Ratio

-Camshaft Specified For 2500-6000 RPM

-Camshaft Bearings

-Adjustable Cam Gear With Uprated Timing Chain & Hardened Crank Gear

-1.437 Gas Flowed Intake Valves

-Heavy Duty Rocker Shaft Pedastal Mounts

-Solid Copper Head Gasket

Price To Include All Machine Work & Assembly Labor  $8149



Stage 3:

-Includes All Of The Above With These Add-ons

-10.25:1 Compression Ratio

-1.480 Gas Flowed Intake Valves

-1.272 Gas Flowed Exhaust Valves

-Oil Line Rocker Feed Kit

-ATI Damper Kit

-1.65 Ratio Roller Rocker Kit

Price To Include All Machine Work & Assembly labor   $9999

***Recommended That An Exhaust Header & Free Flowing Is Used Along With A Triple SU or Stromberg Carb Setup***

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